Every window should be performed by service at least once a year. Thanks regulary service the windows are able to achieve longer life time. With our service we achieve the longer life time, through this service your windows are closing tightly and is stoped heat loss through leaky windows, further are recognized defective hinges / fittings and reduces the potential risk of accidents.

Our servise is including: 

  • Complete checking of all fitting components 
  • Complete  checking of fasteners (screws, etc.) 
  • Checking of door pivot hinges
  • Window Set-up by opening and closing
  • Set-up of optimal pressure of windows (tightness of window)
  • Lubrication of fittings
  • Sealing impregnation 

Why to leave to do regulary service?

  • Service prolonges life time of fittings (by fitting moving is caused friction metal to metal, if the service is unregulary
        the fitting are damaged, the replacement with new ones is very expensive)
  • Correct functionality of fittings (opening of window without effort, defect fittings can damage window frame
        or fitting components)
  • Energy costs saving (no heat loss through leaky windows)
  • Security conditions (prevent to release of window and to cause bodily harm)
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