Cetta 35

Cetta 35 blinds are designed for interior use. Lamellas with a width of 3.5cm are in the form of the letter “C”; without folders at the end of the lamellas. The blind lamellas have steel wire guides. The Cetta 35 and Cetta 50 lightened blinds are recommended for installation in places not affected by strong winds. Cetta 35 blinds cannot be mounted into Heluz heads. The Cetta 35 is specifically designed for administrative buildings.

Advantages and benefits

  • especially recommended for interiors
  • lamella colour alternatives are also available in imitation wood
  • electric control option
  • guaranteed area of up to 10 m2.

Manner of control

  • manually – by cord, lever
  • electrically – by remote control unit or switch

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 400 mm600 mm (for motorised control)
  • maximum width: 3150 mm
  • maximum height: 3000 mm
  • maximum area: 6 m2 (for cord control) / 8 m2 (for lever control) / 10 m2 (for motorised control)

Non-standard dimensions are not produced.

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