Isolite Plus

The Isolite plus interior shading lets you flirt with the sun. The elegance of the round upper profile of the Isolite plus interior shading combined with the perfectly shaped lamellas attracts demanding clients and experts in light and shade.

With the easy use and good shading abilities of the Isolite plus blind, the amount of light you allow into the interior is solely up to you. In the case of the Isolite plus blind, the upper profile, lower profile and lamellas can be harmonized using wood imitation.

Advantages and benefits

    • elegant design
    • profiles for extruded aluminium
    • non-standard version for bevel and broken windows
    • colour of the profile according to the RAL sampler or coated in renolite  
    • electric control option
    • planetary gear for easy control of above-dimensional blinds
    • recommended for blinds for plastic windows.

Manner of control

  • manually – by chain (ø 3.2 mm, ø 4.5 mm)
    The blind can be fitted with a brake to prevent falling of lamellas due to their own weight..
  • electric drive – remote control or switch

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 300 mm (chain), 400 mm (engine) 
  • maximum width: 2,000 mm 
  • maximum height: 2,200 mm 
  • maximum area: 2.5 m2 

Horizontální žaluzie Isotra Isolite Plus

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