System 25

The variable System 25 window blinds can be fully adapted to your requirements. The unique system offers four control options, a wide range of colours and a sophisticated functional design. Select the colour shade of the lamellas and from one of 15 available colours for the upper cover profile! (It is possible to coordinate everything with wood imitation). The rounded cover profile compared with Isolite plus blinds is optional; therefore, the blind can be selected with or without the upper cover profile.

The System 25 interior window blind is also available in non-standard versions – to fulfil your wishes and requirements.


Advantages and preferences

  • construction with and without upper profile cover
  • variable system for opening – cord, chain, level, engine
  • non-typical variant for bevel and broken windows
  • in between glass panes option 
  • colour of the profile according to the RAL sampler or coated in renolite.

Method of control

  • SYSTEM 25S, SM – cord – wand
    Cord for raise and lower (color equal with slat color), hexagonal wand for slats tilting (transparent color)
    In-between glass blind with turn-button for slats tilting.
  • SYSTEM 25R – chain
    Chain 3.2mm diameter for raise, lower and tilt (color equal with slat color).
  • SYSTEM 25K – handle
    For raise, lower and tilt (grey color)
  • SYSTEM 25L (large) – chain
    Chain 4.5mm diameter for raise, lower and tilt (color equal with slat color).
  • SYSTEM 25M – motor
    Electric motor: switch for raise, lower and tilt (white color)
    Remote control for raise, lower and tilt (white, silver, black, blue-white color options)

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 300 mm (cord, chain), 400 mm (handle, engine textile tape), 600 mm (engine cord)
  • maximum width: 2,000 mm
  • maximum width: 3,400 mm for System 25 Large
  • maximum height: 2,200 mm
  • maximum area: 2.5m2

The atypical version is produced only in SYSTEM 25S, 25SM and 25SW.

Technical parameters

System 25 is a blind that comes in two different constructions (with or without the covered profile) and four different control options. It has a unique and versatile assembly.

Assembly options

  • for window hole (ceiling) – only the pro version without the covering profile
  • in front of the window hole (wall) – for version with the cover profile
  • for window frame

Interiérové žaluzie - System 25

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