Rollite interior roller blinds

Create a pleasing environment during the day and night. Rollite interior roller blinds protect against the glare from street lamps at night and, during the day they perfectly provide shade against piercing sunlight. The leading side bars prevent the penetration of sub light through the sides of the roller blind. Even if selecting full shading fabric, decorated or single-colour, or fabric that lets a lot of light through, you will always have an elegant and fully functional interior accessory.

DWe also supply special glass fibre cloths that are recommended for people with allergies and various fabrics with special fireproof treatment. Rollite interior roller blinds are also available with motifs suitable for children’s rooms.

Advantages and benefits

  • perfect shading of the interior
  • leading bars prevent light getting through the sides
  • wide range of coloured shades of fabrics.

Interiérová látková roleta - Rollite

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