Plissé blinds

Plissé is a folding fabric roller-blind that dresses your windows, makes the interior cosy and, of course, provides tailor-made shading of your room.  You can choose from linenfold fabric with various levels of light penetration, shading fabric, with a steaming aluminium layer that eliminates the force of heat radiation, or fabric with a penetrative coating with a high level of light reflection.

Advantages and benefits

  • an elegant element of the modern interior
  • high quantity of non-standard forms
  • wide selection of linenfold materials, colours, patterns and imprinting  
  • fabrics with various levels of light penetration, shading fabrics and reflection fabrics 
  • option of combining two fabrics 
  • variable control system – rope, handle.

Method of control

  • manually – by plastic handle x rope with integrated brake 
  • in the case of the plissé version with two fabrics, each cord serves for the control of one type of the fabric.

Construction versions

  • Plissé without guiding
  • Plissé with rope guiding 
  • Plissé with steel wire guiding 
  • Plissé with two fabrics

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 150 mm 
  • maximum width: according to the width of the fabric 
  • non-standard dimensions for bevel and broken windows are produced.


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